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Senior Software Engineer

Naval Research Lab (NRL), Washington, DC
ü   10 years experience in providing engineering and technical support to advanced technology research, development, test and evaluation programs for real time avionics systems
ü   Experience developing real time software for aerospace applications
ü   Experience as a programmer on all phases of project development for real time telemetry data capture storage and distribution systems
ü   Experience with embedded and systems software development for aerospace applications using C, C++ in vxWorks operating system environment
ü   Experience in advanced military aircraft systems design including reconnaissance, airborne and ground radar, weapons, flight computer and hardware systems development, and operational and tactical testing
ü   Experience in with Windows 98/NT/2000 (Win98 beta tester), MS Visual C++ (Win32 applications development), MS Office MS Project, AutoCAD, MathCAD, Matlab (including programming), and Networking (hardware and software) is desired.
ü  Individual should have familiarity with NRL or other government agency projects such as the Advanced Seeker Test Bed (ASTB), hardware in the loop test systems, image processing, hardware control systems, real-time telemetry data systems or data control systems.
ü  Experience in computer networking technology and software systems design based on advanced mathematical and physical science formulas
ü   Experience in configuration management, data reduction and analysis and cockpit flight-testing
ü   Must have one of the following: 1) a MS in Engineering or Science, or 2) a BS in science or engineering with 5 years of EO/IR/RF job related experience, or 3) a BA with 10 years of EO/IR/RF job related experience.

**Position requires a secret clearance**
Description: Responsible for the detailed design, development, and testing of subsystems
and system components, including the Advanced Seeker Test Bed (ASTB) System. The software engineer is able to build a wide variety of software subsystems and components efficiently and effectively, given only a requirements specification and constraints; and is able to develop and sustain these subsystems and software components in complex, multi-vendor, multi-platform environments.
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