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Senior Engineer SME Technology and Capabilities

Alexandria, Virginia
Must be a U.S. Citizen
Clearance Required: Top Secret with SCI eligibility
Education: Doctorate in a recognized engineering, scientific and/or technical discipline that is relevant is required.
Experience Required: Minimum of 20 years of relevant experience is required.

Position Description:

Senior Engineer Subject Matter Expert Technology and Capabilities will serve as functional and technical experts as defined below:
  • Experience and expertise in cutting edge technologies and application of technologies into new and
    innovative warfighting capabilities.
  • In-depth technical knowledge and experience with existing and future advanced DoD weapon systems and their capabilities, concept of operations, limitations, and upgrade capacities.
  • Areas of expertise in system capabilities, performance, and operations include:
    • Land, sea, air, and space platforms
    • Offensive, defensive, kinetic and directed energy weapons
    • Sensors for ISR and fire control
    • Cyberwarfare
    • Communication networks
    • Electromagnetic spectrum management to include EW and 5G
    • Application of automation
    • Command, control, and battle management
    • Fires close air support, long range fires, targeting, air and missile defense.
  • Provide scientific and engineering technical assessment of proposed prototypes and experimentations.
  • Provide a quantitative/qualitative analysis of technologies from the technological industry base, services, and government laboratories.
  • Validate prototypes and experimentations utilizing proven scientific analytical methods and high-fidelity modeling to confirm key performance parameters design specifications of prototypes.
  • Provide technical recommendation and reports on the rapid acquisition deployment of prototypes.
  • Review prototypes and experimentation proposals with recommendations but deliver findings in the form of technical reports, briefings, and executive summaries.
  • Provide the subject matter expertise with experience in one of the following technical areas:
    • Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning to assess the performance of software to enable autonomous vehicle and control elements, perception, cognition, and action of system controls within an existing prototype. Assess the multi-data fusion of sensor data for Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED).
    • Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) & Electronic Warfare (EW) to assess prototype C4ISR architectures abilities to achieve the National Defense Strategy in support of Fully Networked Command and Control (FNC2). Perform strategic assessment of a prototype’s ability to systematically observe mission objectives and its ability to acquire, fuse, and disseminate information. Assess various ISR payloads to evaluate performance to evaluate radars, wireless communications, and Radio Frequency (RF) propagation. Support, technology developmental, operational and integration of the Department’s ability to close strategic, operational, and tactical kill chains that are acknowledged as critical weaknesses across the services, combatant commands, and Joint Staff. This includes the ability to support weapon system targeting across all domains. Assess the technical performance of EW prototypes that will enhance electromagnetic spectrum operations to maintain Spectrum Dominance.
    • Space and Stratosphere capabilities to evaluate and assess the design of aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, missiles, and sensor payload prototype functional capabilities according to the proposed design. Area of expertise will include hypersonic flight characteristics and technical performance analysis, Stratospheric High-Altitude Platforms as well as sensors and subsystems required to operate in the space and near space regions.
    • Information Operations to assess applicability of information warfare across computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data. The contractor shall evaluate the electromagnetic and digital effects of offensive and defensive information warfare to quantify the effectiveness of prototypes for military capabilities for Offensive and defensive Information Operations.
    • Hypersonics to provide the analysis of the physical phenomena of shock, aerodynamic heating, entropy, real gas, low density, and the independent coefficient of Mach number to technically assess the molecular changes of hypersonic platforms and their operational performance. This initiative shall incorporate the analysis and assessment of platforms and component technologies to include propulsion, motors, sensors, avionics, and seeker technologies.
    • Demonstration and Experimentation of key prototypes to assess the engineering design, risk, specification of a prototype in an operational but relevant environment to facilitate transition of the residual capability. Experience in System Integration, Data Management, System Operability, Performance Evaluation, Cybersecurity, Regression and Safety, and User Evaluation. Experimentation will incorporate application of employing prototypes in a future multi-domain/Joint Warfighting Concept to explore existing capabilities.
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