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Strategic Missile Systems Senior Systems Engineer

Alexandria, Virginia
Must be a U.S. Citizen
Clearance Required: Active Top Secret with SCI (TS/SCI) eligibility is required to be considered for this position.
Education: Bachelor’s degree in a scientific, engineering, or other applicable technical or analytical discipline.  Masters of Science Degree highly desired.
Required Experience: 20 years or more experience in systems engineering and test engineering.
  • Experience in a supervisory capacity in planning, developing, and executing major research, engineering, and development efforts for defense organizations.
  • Experience in establishing strong working relationships with R&D program managers as well as organization leadership; tracking task order efforts to rapidly identify and resolve potential and new problems; and identifying and resolving administrative and contractual issues related to a support services contract.
    • Experience interfacing with Joint Staff, Services, and warfighters to coordinate engineering and analysis needs and analytic results is highly desired.
Position Description:  Tekla Research, Inc. is seeking a Senior Systems Engineer to support Strategic Missile Systems test, evaluation, and agile acquisition.  The Senior Engineer is an expert in developing technical solutions to complex and challenging DoD problems.  The Senior Engineer leads major project technical tasks using formal engineering practices and quality control methods.  The Senior Engineer should have experience leading and performing Systems Engineering (SE) tasks including development and analysis of complex engineering and test strategies; technology and risk assessments; performance/capability assessments; and kill chain analysis of complex weapon systems to define capability gaps and assess performance.
The Senior Engineer interprets requirements and design specifications, analyzes alternatives, and creates a solution, and supports integration and testing, as required.  The Senior Engineer exercises independent judgment and initiative in solving problems and performing technical tasks having a high degree of complexity.  Manages and coordinates the efforts of other staff members assigned to specific projects.  The Senior Engineer directly interfaces with government management personnel and is adept at oral and written communication required at all levels of management to maintain control of assigned programs and projects.
This team provides technical expertise to support government leaders in developing System Engineering Plans and developmental test and evaluation strategies as part of a Test and Evaluation Master Plan across six warfighting domains:
  • Air Warfare
  • Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (C4ISR) / Nuclear Command, Control, and Communications (NC3) Systems
  • Land Warfare
  • Naval Warfare
  • Strategic Missile Systems (Offensive and Defensive)
  • Space Systems
The team will focus on the innovative application of technology and works with a robust network of transition partners within and external to the DoD to mitigate gaps through accelerated prototyping, demonstration, and fielding, with the ultimate goal of operational sustainment.
Responsibilities include:
Agile Acquisition Framework (AAF) Support:  Participate in program technical activities; monitor engineering and test efforts; establish and maintain effective and efficient communication with Program Management Offices and Component counterparts.  The Senior Engineer will provide feedback on effectiveness of current engineering and test policy and guidance.  Insights from this continuous engagement will inform OUSD(R&E)/DTE&A leadership and form the basis of subsequent assessments.
  • AAF Program Engagement:  Support OUSD(R&E)/DTE&A in working with acquisition program managers to develop comprehensive engineering and DT&E test strategies to support program milestones and engineering decisions.  Work with Chief Engineers, Chief Developmental Testers, and other stakeholders to develop Systems Engineering Plans and T&E Master Plans.  Participate as a subject matter expert in program technical activities; monitor engineering efforts and test activity; maintain communications with PM offices and component counterparts.  Leverage program expertise and will participate in studies and mission engineering analysis as required.  Engagement will include early engineering/development planning for pre-program of record activities.
  • AAF Program Technical Reviews: Participate in System Requirements Reviews (SRRs), System Function Reviews (SFRs), Preliminary Design Reviews (PDRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), Production Readiness Reviews (PRRs), Functional Configuration Audits. 
  • Systems Engineering (SE) and Test & Evaluation (T&E) Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) Support: Provide Engineering and Test expertise (including Software Engineering and Schedule Risk Assessment) to support Systems Engineering and T&E IPTs and share best and provide advice on program strengths, issues, and risks.
  • Acquisition Document Development and Review: Review Acquisition Strategies, Acquisition Program Baselines (APBs), Acquisition Decision Memorandums, and other acquisition documents including Milestone A and B certification reports, and develop draft responses.  
  • AAF Program Defense Acquisition Board DAB, Integrated Product Team (IPT), and Working Group (WG) Support:  Develop assessments and presentations documenting program performance to prepare DTE&A and USD(R&E) leadership to participate in OSD and Service acquisition decision meetings. Support the OSD and Service acquisition Working Groups including AoA WGs and Senior Advisory Group Meetings.
  • Defense Acquisition Executive Summary (DAES) Program Assessments: Develop assessments for six program indicators (Management, Performance, Schedule, T&E, Interoperability/Information Security, and Production).  Maintain engagement with Chief Engineers and Chief Developmental Testers to provide relevant, insightful, and accurate assessments backed by objective data (e.g., TPM analysis). 
  • Ad Hoc Reporting:  Review GAO, IG and Congressional reports and associated DoD responses. 
  • Cybersecurity Expertise:   Work with each of the Warfare Domain Teams to develop cybersecurity development and test strategies to support the development of cyber resilient systems. 
  • Program Metrics and Technical Performance Measures: Manage program performance and execution metrics to support root-cause analysis, benchmarking, and individual program assessments, including schedule metrics, Key Performance Parameters, Key System Attributes, and other requirements.   Work with academia, industry, and other government activities to predict program performance. 
  • Requirements Document Development and Review: Review Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System and other AAF requirements documents from a mission, technical, test and engineering context to include feasibility and efficacy and develop a recommended response.
Engineering Assessments:
  • Independent Technical Risk Assessments: Support DTE&A in planning and conducting cross-functional, multi-discipline ITRAs that support critical acquisition milestones and engineering decisions.  These ITRAs will focus on identifying the technical risk within a development program and recommending specific mitigation measures.  They will address all technical planning and technical management aspects of a specific program to include mission capability and areas such as requirements, schedule, resources, interfaces/interdependencies, cybersecurity/security, manufacturing, Modular Open Systems Architecture (MOSA), and systems engineering/technical management processes.
  • PDR/CDR Assessments: Plan conduct cross-functional, multi-discipline PDR/CDR Assessments of ACAT ID other programs or as directed by DTE&A.  Assessments will address technical planning and technical management aspects of a specific program to include mission capability and areas such as requirements, schedule, resources, interfaces/interdependencies, cybersecurity/security, MOSA, and systems engineering/technical management processes.
  • DT&E Sufficiency and Performance Assessments: Support DTE&A in planning and conducting cross-functional, multi-discipline DT&E Sufficiency Assessments and DT&E Performance Assessments that support critical acquisition milestones and engineering decisions.  Assessments will focus on identifying the technical risk within a programs test plan and/or test results and recommending specific mitigation measures.  Support DTE&A in planning and conducting extremely focused, short-turnaround, highly technical reviews on specific issues as directed by DTE&A. The Senior Engineer will collaborate with FFRDCs, Joint Staff, Service/COCOMS, and other OSD organizations as required.

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