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Software Engineering Technical Lead

Alexandria, Virginia
Must be a U.S. Citizen
Clearance Required: Active Secret security clearance required to be considered for this position.
Education: BS degree in field supporting Software Engineering from an
accredited college or university.

Required Experience:
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in a discipline that is relevant to the technical work supporting Software Engineering
  • Capable of forming groups and leading a group to a solution.
  • Demonstrates creativity, foresight and mature judgement in anticipating, planning for, and solving problems.
  • Knowledge of software development activities across all phases of the SW development lifecycle as well as modern languages (e.g. Python, Java, Javascript, C/C++, etc.) and tool sets (e.g. Integrated Development Environments, SQL/NoSQL database, etc).
  • Current knowledge/experience with DevSecOps pipelines and supporting technologies including agile development processes and tools (e.g. Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Gitlab, etc.) as well as some knowledge and familiarity with containerization (e.g. Kubernetes, Docker, etc.).
Position Description:
  • Support the creation, maintenance, and participate in Communities of Practice (CoPs), Working Groups (WGs), Bodies of Knowledge (BoKs), and similar groups. Participate in outside agency CoPs, WGs, and data repositories.  Investigate current trends in knowledge management and manage capability to index and archive developed products. 
  • Technical lead to help develop recommended courses of actions.  Advise and support assessments of transitioning OUSD(R&E) developed technologies.  
  • Provide expert advice, advocacy, guidance, reporting, documentation, outreach, and engagement (nationally and internationally) with external organizations. Identify obstacles to an interoperable engineering community.  
  • Support the Government Accountability Office (GAO), Inspector General (IG) and Congressional report review process by reviewing, preparing quality comments and recommendations related to engineering and risk assessment.
  • Oversee the planning involved in national and international meetings. 
  • Technical Assessments (TA):
    • Support the DoD chain of command, service and programs as and collaborate with other stakeholders, DoD contractors and independent consultants on technical assessments.
    • Provide a comprehensive, independent assessment to advise DoD leadership.
    • Provide the DoD leadership with actionable recommendations to mitigate risks and issues in order to improve program execution.
  • Software Metrics, Benchmarking, Analysis and Database Curation:
    • Provide subject matter expertise in the area of software production metrics and benchmarking using experience with Software Evaluation and Estimation of Resources - Software Estimating Model (SEER-SEM), Software Lifecycle Model (SLIM) or similar tools.
    • Provide expertise in the management and curation of metric data from historical and current programs into a searchable database.
    • Provide expertise in data science and analysis techniques, including analyzing and optimizing current historical data sets as well as augmenting or extending the existing databases with new metric data.
  • Software Modernization and Coordination Efforts:
    • Support DoD Acquisition and Sustainment (A&S) Program Managers, and Chief Developmental Software Engineers in the development of comprehensive Software strategies throughout the acquisition lifecycle
    • Coordinate across DoD organizations and other agencies to ensure comprehensive and efficient overall software modernization strategies.
    • Support Agile methodologies and DevSecOps initiatives


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