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Communication and Network Test Engineer, Journeyman

Lexington Park, Maryland
Clearance Required: Must be eligible for SECRET Clearance
Must be U.S. Citizen
Education:  Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in an engineering discipline, to include computer engineering, software engineering and network engineering, and physics or math.
  • Minimum of five years’ experience supporting communications and network systems test and evaluation including requirements development, test planning, coordinating and executing test and evaluation activities, analysis of data products, and presentation and documentation of system performance results.
  • Desired knowledge and experience.
    • E-6B communications and network systems operations, maintenance and/or test and evaluation
    • Data link network design and architecture, messages, message content and standards.
    • DoD and commercial standards (interfaces, protocols, etc.) used in integrating wired networks in Naval aviation weapons systems.
    • DoD and commercial standards (interfaces, protocols, waveforms, etc.) used in wireless networks involving Naval Aviation weapons systems.
    • DoD Architecture Framework (DODAF) and its application in ensuring interoperability of Naval Aviation systems.
    • Live-Virtual-Constructive Distributed Environments and use in T&E of network centric systems
    • Computer networking fundamentals
Position Description: Supports developmental test and evaluation of communications and network systems for the E-6B Mercury Integrated Test Team.  Applies engineering principles to research, analyze, plan, design, develop, implement, test, or evaluate systems. Reviews and prepares engineering and technical analyses, reports, change proposals, and other technical documentation. This position applies engineering experience to perform functions such as system integration, design, configuration management, quality assurance testing, or acquisition and resource management.
Skills Desired:
  • Desired areas of knowledge and understanding.
    • Military operations, joint capabilities and theater specific operations.
    • Joint interoperability requirements and the concept of Network Centric Operations (NCO) and Net-Centric Warfare (NCW).
    • Net-Ready (NR) Key Performance Parameter (KPP).
    • Authority to Operate (ATO) certification processes and the use of Distributed Testing to accomplish
    • Interim Authorization to Operate (IATO) certification processes and the use of Distributed Testing to accomplish
    • Interim Authorization to Test (IATT) certification processes and the use of Distributed Testing to accomplish
    • CISCO and Juniper Network certifications
  • Desired areas of knowledge.
    • Through-the-air laser communications.
    • 5G communications and edge computing.
    • Navy WAN: ADNS, WGS satcom, Teleport, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station (NCTAMS), etc.
    • Interconnect router and the Defense Information Assurance(iA)/Security Accreditation Working Group (DSAWG) process.
    • DISA services and processes.
    • OSI network model (7 layer).
    • LoRa networks (long range low power wide area network).
    • Bluetooth, BLE communications.
    • Zigbee IEEE 802.15.4-based personal area networks (e.g. XBee product line).

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