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Readiness Logistician

Cherry Point, North Carolina

Education:  BA/BS Degree

Experience:  At least five (5) years of experience in naval aviation maintenance.

Position Description: This position will support the H-1 FST Readiness IPT. The Readiness IPT is responsible for work load priorities and tasking for all H-1 FST sustainment efforts in support of the H-1 fleet. Readiness IPT Logistician duties include: 

  • H-1 FAST Team Lead. Fix Asses Sustain Triage is an H-1 effort to pull all H-1 supporting agencies together to provide the fleet expedited material response, technical and training support as required. This position will lead the weekly FAST call via Teams with the H-1 fleet. The FAST Team also works to solve logistics & engineering shortfalls with the goal of improving long term H-1 sustainment support. 
  • Logistics Management Specialist. Provide logistics support to the Readiness IPT supporting H-1 sustainment efforts/projects such as- solving emerging readiness impacts, H-1 Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) improvement projects, PMA-276 Reliability Control Board (RCB) support, Integrated Publication Reviews (IPRs) support, retail supply allowancing reviews/recommendations, CONUS technical support visits, Okinawa UDP technical support visits, Logistics and Engineering Support Program Manager Review (LESPMR) support. 

Required Experience: 

  • This position requires broad experience in naval aviation maintenance and a thorough understanding of how Organizational and Intermediate level maintenance and supply department’s function.
  • Ability to work closely with a small core team- Readiness IPT Lead, Engineer and Analytics Lead and regularly interact across all of H-1 FST engineering and logistics, PMA-276, TYCOM and the H-1 fleet.
  • Support the Readiness IPT in constantly looking at ways to improve H-1 maintenance efforts with the goal of maintaining and improving H-1 readiness.

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